Friday, September 30, 2011

Kisah sedih di hari KHAMIS!!!

Wtf?? The hell.. hahahaha~
Pinjam from “Kisah sedih di hari MINGGU”

Back to title..
It should my most shocking and surprisingly memories..
Well.. last nite..
We, that should be me and my girls..
Are to attend a jamuan raya..
Seriously.. da nk abes ngaye bru nk smbut..
Incik PM seriously got a brain injury for him to attend such event..
Hahahaha~ Lame..
I’m on the same shoes..
Ok2.. back to the story..
Lastly, the one that attend are..
Nadya and me..
Akma, and Wani..
The ones that really excited about this matter..
Couldn’t attend it at the very last minute..
Ira, I’m so sorry.. for not telling you, that we attend this.. T_T
Well, I shouldn’t bring up this matter, right..
As, I think it’s better for them to not regret bout it later..
Like me and nadya.. T_T

The jamuan was a FAILED DISASTER!!!
Should I repeat myself??
FAILED DISASTER!!! Shame on  those who organizing this event..
There’s nothing great about this event but the fact that the PM is coming!!!
I totally regretting myself.. T_T
Why do I attend such dinner?? T_T
The services was a totally not cool..
Whaddafak with..
“air da bes la..”
Please la..
Dun gimme that lame excuse…
It’s a grand dinner.. u should know how many guest are coming, right..
So, what’s up..
With “air da bes..” matter??
Seriously, lamest excuse ever!!!
and do u know how far is ktp from maeps..
u dun have any idea, ok..
so do i.. ;)
but I know how far is ktp from kc..
I barefooted walking from kc to ktp..
As the bus driver..
“x pegi putra foodcourt.. bus neyh pegi kc..”

finally, after that..
we get ourselves alive back to room..
And grumping about the so-not-cool dinner.. :P

However, despite the very boring dinner..
there is at least sumthing nice to be cherish about..
For that I get to walk barefooted..
with juz nadya and me..
It’s a nice memories that we can laugh about it later, right..

Lesson that I learned is that..
Never go such event that is so grand that VVIP attending for you will regret it, later!!!

Well, till then!!!

p/s:  die busy.. aku lonely.. well, cheer up.. T_T
nnt2 aku upload pic yg aku sempat amek time boring2 tnggu najib dtg.. XD

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