Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to SHINEE's world, ya'll~~~

greeting, everyone~~
it’s been quite a while I didn’t updating my blog is it??
Well, I’ve been ‘busy’ lately…
Same goes to fb..
I didn’t find myself been hooked up to it..
As like the usual..
I mean like when I’m in upm..
Idk y I’m being like this..
Fb and blogging seems like lost their ‘charm’ on me..

Now, if I happen to on my fb..
I would offline the chatbox..
And went straight to CAFÉ WORLD apps..
cook some dish..
After done so..
I would check some notifications and approved requests..
After I think I’m done..
I will sign out..
See.. I dun even updating my status..
How it’s different from when I’m in upm..
updating  my status like, EVERYDAY..

Anyway, recently..
I’m really into.. 


left to right : Lee JinKi ( Leader Onew),Lee TaeMin (Maknae TaeMin), Kim JongHyun (Bling-bling JongHyun), Choi MinHo (Flaming Charisma MinHo), and Kim KiBum (Almighty Key)..

What a gorgeous kids they are, rite..
Although Onew and JongHyun could not consider as kids anymore…
They’re, however do not losing their child side..
And sometimes acts like ones..
I feel like I’m a SHAWOL (name for SHINEE’s fans) now..
Though I’m a CASSIOPEIA (name for TVXQ's fans)..
And the fact TVXQ is, technically split up..
So, I decide to give my support to, their dongsaeng, SHINEE..
I would, however ALWAYS KEEPS THE FAITH on the them..
Till the day, when they’re uniting again..

Anyway, back to SHINEE, since their debut..
have always been labeled out as the next, TVXQ..
for the point they’ve became popular straight away after their debut, through their song and not to mention their handsome-looking..
Also their ability catching Noona’s heart..
And to the fact they also were formed by 5 boys..
They’re totally a match-up to TVXQ..
And most people acknowledged them..
becos of their strong teamwork like TVXQ (however, in the past)..

They’re giving roles for them to play, just like TVXQ did..

Such Onew got to play the leader part.. like U-Know.. and suppose to show their manly side..

JongHyun got to play the, like his name, glamourous and dandy side..
Similar to Micky..

Key supposedly to become the invincible-and-strong person..
Similar to Hero..

MinHo, as Xiah were to play the charisma part..

And both TaeMin and ChangMin were supposed to be cute all the times..

They were, however, do not really good playing their part..

Both Key and Hero do not really that strong..
As they have their warm side as both enjoying cook..

Minho and Xiah who were supposed to be that cool and charismatic, 
however, always show their cute side.. even their maknae succumb to their cuteness..
Such a pity is it??

they're, anyway, starting to grow up more..
and become mature, rather than forever-child..
how i miss them when they're performing that catchy-yet-cool-and-cute
  'NOONA, YOU'RE SO PRETTY' back then..
how they were so cute..
now, they're trying to be out of their comfort zone..
and 'LUCIFER' is their first trial becoming more manly..
and somehow, do not really that succesful..
too bad is it??
age probably the contributing factor..
Taemin is too young to portray such acts..
bad-yet-cool boy is too much for him, perhaps..

take a look at the transformation,

from pure-innocent-and-cute boys, 

to stylish-cool-and-strong boys,

see, how much they have grown..

i hope SHINEE would keep on shining..
and stay healthy and be cute always..
as we, SHAWOL always got ur back on..

a bit tribute to:

SHINEE's sunbae-nim : 


left to right : Kim JunSu (Xiah JunSu), Park YooChun (Micky YooChun), Kim JaeJoong (Hero JaeJoong), Shim ChangMin (Max ChangMin), Jung YunHo (U-Know YunHo)

i've always love u, TVXQ..
u're forever in  my heart..
and i'm forever ur CASSIOPEIA..

till then,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My so-called girlfriends day out~~

Well, yesterday is a girlfriend day out..
Uh, duh… like again kot..
I’ve been out with my dearest roommate off to the Mines..
It’s been awesome with you, roommate..
Although kinda tiring accompany her shops..
While I just standing there watching her try on some shoes and usha some bags and dresses…
And yet, she’s not buying them…
Really, she’s a window shopping-type person…
I’m kinda wondering sumtime…
How can people ( like, girls) enjoy shopping very much??
Only juz walking in some shops and take a look of the things inside..
Try some shoes and dress..
And yet, not buy anything of it..
Seriously.. me, myself cannot find any fun of shopping..

However, we did bought sumthing after a series of surveying (I think like, almost all shops)..
And when we look for our so-called couple watch…
(it’s not actually a couple watch, it’s just happen to have the same pattern!!)
after a series of usha-ing the watches there, she looks as she’s not buying it..
however, she did finally get her some Guess-like watch (a fake one, I believe)..
The same one with me.. only she had her black and me white..
And also, we went to look out some bracelet..
As, my ankle bracelet (more like a black strings, I think) was like almost breaks..
My point is that, after a lot of usha-ing shoes, dress and whatnot..
She shops more than I did..
Bought herself shoes (the one bought before, is not even been wear yet!!), 2 bags (she said for her mom and a luggage bag for travelling),and a cardigan…

Nevertheless, I do love to accompany my girls on shopping..
As sumtime, I need some day out..
And this is the only chance I have..
And probably, they would return me favour..

By, accompany me watch some(???) movies..
we watch the-most-anticipating-movie-ever HARRY POTTER AND DEATHLY HALLOWS, yesterday..
and it's really a worthsome movie to spend on..
as i happen to be a fan of HARRY POTTER's series..
and i think this one, is much more better than the previous one..
It's getting all that dull..
and my dad keeps complaining bout how boring it was.. 
all the way down from the cinema till we get back home..
saying he's not going to spent on it, ever..
but, he never did..
cos, me.. he's so-called daddy's girl..
always managed to have him treat us..
no matter how..
he's just can't win against me..
hahaha~ sorry dad..
and i'm really glad that this one turn out to be a seriously-ridiculously-awesome movie...

and also by, listening to me singing my lungs out in the karaoke box…
Hehehehe~ we went there once, the last time we're going out..
I may not look like some..
But, trust me..
I’m a seriously-karaoke-addicts..
And I plan to go on (like, a lot) karaoke during the semester break..
as, my dad said..
"we should go here(the karaoke box), during ur semester break.. it's cheap and FUN!!!"
hahahaha~ it's on u, dad.. the next time.. cos, i'm not going to pay for it again...

And I seriously, need to look for a part-time job..
to settle down all the loans (really bothersome!!)..
and the licence payment..
fuh, really..
I’m a total mess when come to financial management..
Like everyone kot facing the same problem as I have..
I really need to consult with some people regarding these..
But, seriously…
I wonder where have I spent all my money on..
Cos, I’m not a shopaholic…
Not a bit..
And I like, always having this financial problem..
I juz dun get it at all..
Is it becos my father monthly allowance that insufficient to me (duh, I think the amount is juz too little.. how can a hundred bucks would going to support me here?? we’re talking bout campus life dear daddy.. and u expecting me to spend the money wisely… it’s true I do spent spend the money wisely.. hehehe.. a fact my roommate wouldn’t agree with.. anyway, I really do cut-out my meal.. by juz taking one meal per day, so that it would not exceed my daily budget.. and yet, I have this series of financial problems.. seriously, how can I get a financial probs???)

Tomorrow is the last paper of my final..
Finally, I can get myself a rest (bkn b4 exam abes pn, I rest bagai nk rak??) after draining my brain out..
Answering some ridiculously-and-extremely-hard-difficult paper…
And this calculus thing really makes me like, almost passed out..
And I couldn’t imagine myself to answer the paper tomorrow..
Hope everything went well..
Cos, I need to get myself alive out from there..
As, I have to attend the suksis’s activity in Kedah…
Am I going to miss it??
Nope.. not a single thing…

Okies then, I need to get myself study…
As, tomorrow is a killer paper..
And a friend of mine once make a status out of it..
It’s either u kill it, or get urself killed..
I’m not going to let some paper killed me (I mean like, literally)..
So, till then..

Friday, October 29, 2010

tHuRsDay or tHurSdAy!!!

i used to anticipate thursday of every single week!!!
becos of wat??..
becos thursday is chemistry experiment day....
although i hate to do lab report..
and sometimes wat pn cam asal bole jew..
but, i have sum1 that keep me real!!!
indeed i love talking wif him...
i love to watch him doing things..
i'm enjoying watch him from far...
every thursday, i hope to talk wif him...
and most of times i managed to grab the chance..
and i think i like him...
but, today...
the lab practical is cancelled...
in other words, we dont do experiment today...
and thats not very dissappoint me..
well, i want to say good luck to him..
since our lab practical is the only chance i have.. to talk to him...
lecture, jgn haraplah...
so, terpakselah ucap kat facebook jek....

Monday, October 25, 2010


i dun know my feeling anymore...
i'm confuse!!!
ok.. i admit i do LIKE him...
tp, still... our feelings are not mutual!!!
so, x kmne pn...
i WISH him HAPPINESS with his LOVED ONE!!!
mmg la I LIKE him..
tp, klw die x like me back..
so what's the point...
better STAY as a FRIEND....
with that..
i still could SEE and TALK with him...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

date with my roomate!!!!

i went for a date with my dearest roomate..
x sangke we actually going out...
ade la ajak beberape org to teman us...
tp, unfortunately...
dorg x nk join..
we went for a shopping!!!
though i only got to actually window shopping...
cos, x nk abeskn dwet i yg smkin ari smkin kontang neyh!!!
basically juz teman roomate i yg nk sgt shopping kasut and baju die...
geez.. mmg pnt kot...
but seb bek b4 we go back, we went for a karaoke...
finally i get to go for a karok...
da lme kot x karok..
ermm the one yg kat shower is excluded!!!
we sang about 10 songs kot!!
but, i tell ya its not enough!!
rase cm nk nyanyi lagi...
tp sbb dwet cam nk kne withdraw gi and tambahan pule..
waktu cam da nk senja..
we have to give up on that...
and later that buy ice cream and eat it all the way down to the bus stop..
smpai kat komuter...
we wait for the upm bus..
the one yg free of charges...
and after the bus arrived..
tetibe sume dak2 upm..
kalut dok kuarkan kad matrix...
man, i boleh x bwk lak kad matrix...
damn it...
my roomate ckp the pakcik driver is quite strict...
mmg definitely akn check the matrix card!!
oh shoot!!!
then, i terpakse soh roomate i negotiate ngan pakcik tu...
and lastly after a few minutes argument..
between the pakcik and my roomate (poor my roomate.. sorry dear...), he's letting me in...
thanks Allah...
xde la kene byr an...
and after that...
got back at room around 6.20 pm kot...
although exhausting teman my roomate shopping..
i actually enjoy all the moment..
and next time nk kuar ngan all my gengs!!
we went for 2nd round karok nk??
at red box perhaps!!
lg murah...

<3 u Wani!!!