Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nurul Ashikin : a happy-go-lucky friend..

"If you ever leave me, baby.  Leave some morphine at my door. Cause it would take a whole lot of medication.  To realize what we used to have,We don't have it anymore.Bruno Mars, It Will Rain

Ok, last entry was about my roommate Faz, rite..
And I mention there my next entry would be about my other roommate, Nurul Ashikin, is it..
So, I’m gonna talk bout her today..


First of all..
Her full name is Nurul Ashikin Binti Samat..
Mind you, she get mad when people misspell her name…
I know, because I did once..
When the first time I enter my room in KMJ, which I forgot my room number  
D 1.29..
There are two people in the room..
Shikin and Faz were both have registered in the morning..
So, they get in the room first..
Well, the first time I walk in..
Shikin greets me first..
With full of smile..
She’s very friendly..
Asking my name and all..
Never knew from that moment..
We can get along very well..

The first semester there is still gap between us..
We are not that close yet..
Although we're nice to each other.. hehehe~
I'm friendly as well, ma..
but, because i'm not used to be apart from my family..
and also the fact that she's a Hayat's student and i'm happen to be a Fizik's student..
And for the second semester..
we bridged the gap..
I think that is the climax of our friendship..
We go out, like a lot, together..
Spending lots of time together..
Strolling during the night together..
Withdraw money together..
Yeah, I’m so in love with her..
I never been that close to someone..
Sure, I got besties during my school time..
But, never that close..

Our happy time during a day out..
We shared lots of thing..
We get along very well..
As we both are first child..
So, we know how the burden was..
She’s a great friend of mine..
We shared girl-secrets..
And once share a boy.. hahaha~
Gurau je..
I think she is one of the best thing happen in my life..
She really brighten up my day in matric..
I still remember all the things we did together during study week..
Yeah, like.. usha org dating..
Usha lelaki jog.. and mcm2 la..
Well.. cuci mate is my feveret activity of all..
Hahaha~ kn ckin.. XD..

Pic2 taken during our outdoor activity.. hehehe~
indoor activity x blh publish.. *censored* hahahaha~

Mcm2 outrages activity we’re done kn..
Camwhoring during the night..
Yeah, do u still remember ‘those’ picture of us??
They're still in my lappy, u know..
Sumtimes, I take a look of em..
And wondering..
“what the hell are we thinking at that time ea??”
We must be crazy at that time kn..
But, I cannot bring myself to delete it..
For I think it’s too precious..

Well, I always in love with you, ckin..
Sometimes, I wonder..
Do I still have the right to miss and love you..
When sometimes..
We’re like disconnected.. T_T

I will always treasure our moments and friendship..
I hope one day..
We will get reunited and chat like there’s no tomorrow..
There’s too many things I want to share with you..
U know how much I hate texting kn..
It’s feel so great if we in the room..
Dining while talking about our crush and things..
It’s so great back then..
You are forever my bestgirlfriend,syg..
I love you so much..

For her, on her birthday.. Treasure this ea, syg.. <3