Friday, September 30, 2011

Kisah sedih di hari KHAMIS!!!

Wtf?? The hell.. hahahaha~
Pinjam from “Kisah sedih di hari MINGGU”

Back to title..
It should my most shocking and surprisingly memories..
Well.. last nite..
We, that should be me and my girls..
Are to attend a jamuan raya..
Seriously.. da nk abes ngaye bru nk smbut..
Incik PM seriously got a brain injury for him to attend such event..
Hahahaha~ Lame..
I’m on the same shoes..
Ok2.. back to the story..
Lastly, the one that attend are..
Nadya and me..
Akma, and Wani..
The ones that really excited about this matter..
Couldn’t attend it at the very last minute..
Ira, I’m so sorry.. for not telling you, that we attend this.. T_T
Well, I shouldn’t bring up this matter, right..
As, I think it’s better for them to not regret bout it later..
Like me and nadya.. T_T

The jamuan was a FAILED DISASTER!!!
Should I repeat myself??
FAILED DISASTER!!! Shame on  those who organizing this event..
There’s nothing great about this event but the fact that the PM is coming!!!
I totally regretting myself.. T_T
Why do I attend such dinner?? T_T
The services was a totally not cool..
Whaddafak with..
“air da bes la..”
Please la..
Dun gimme that lame excuse…
It’s a grand dinner.. u should know how many guest are coming, right..
So, what’s up..
With “air da bes..” matter??
Seriously, lamest excuse ever!!!
and do u know how far is ktp from maeps..
u dun have any idea, ok..
so do i.. ;)
but I know how far is ktp from kc..
I barefooted walking from kc to ktp..
As the bus driver..
“x pegi putra foodcourt.. bus neyh pegi kc..”

finally, after that..
we get ourselves alive back to room..
And grumping about the so-not-cool dinner.. :P

However, despite the very boring dinner..
there is at least sumthing nice to be cherish about..
For that I get to walk barefooted..
with juz nadya and me..
It’s a nice memories that we can laugh about it later, right..

Lesson that I learned is that..
Never go such event that is so grand that VVIP attending for you will regret it, later!!!

Well, till then!!!

p/s:  die busy.. aku lonely.. well, cheer up.. T_T
nnt2 aku upload pic yg aku sempat amek time boring2 tnggu najib dtg.. XD

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 3 : for you my sweetheart!!!

miss u so much, my love..
so, i guess..
as i'm in lovey-dovey mood..
i try to do a poem...
to express this love of mine..
please.. i'm so not into literature thing.. 
so, forgive me if it's not so beatiful ea..
i'm a science student, what..
i didn't learn how to make a beautiful poem..
i only learn how to make a beautiful crystals.. :P

Buat Kekasihku

Kau yg mengajarku bercinta..
Kau yg membuatku merindumu..
Kau yg terpaling istimewa..
Kau yg menjuarai  carta hatiku..

Kau buatku tersenyum..
Kau buatku tertawa..
Kau buatku menangis..
Kau buatku marah..
Tp, x prnh buatku terfikir utk meninggalknmu..

Kau pencinta terhebat..
Kau kekasih awal dan akhirku..
Kaulah arjuna dihatiku..
Hanya dirimu yang sering ku rindu..

Ku harap kaulah..
Yg terakhir untukku..
Yg ku tatap saat terbangun dri tidur..
Yg ku peluk saat ku terdengar guruh..
Yg mengucup lembut dahiku..
Yg membawaku ke syurgaNya..

Terima kasih, ABD QADIR..
Sygku hanyalah utkmu..
Kamulah cinta hatiku..

till then,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2 : urghhh.. puhh leaseeee~

Well, there you go..
Nothing much to share with you guy(s)..
I’m spending my day 2 of diet carefully..
Last night..
When, me and my girls were checking our balance in our account..
 I ended up, buying, a DINNER..
Man, I ate half of Arabic cuisine called..
Uhmmm.. I can’t seem to remember it..
Well, thanks to Akma who willing to share with me..
Anyway, I guess I take that as my sahur..
So, I’m not eating anything..
Until lunch..
Where I have some fast-foods..
Well, literally..
It’s fried fishball and some wantan..
So, I hope I will not spoiling myself with any foods..
that will put weights anymore..
well, what I meant is food with too much of calorie..
As, from what I know..
Fats can be converted into glucose and glucose will do reaction that eventually providing us with  energy..
As what calorie serves us with..
So, goodbye high calorie food…

Well I guess lets call a day..
As I want to get my much-needed nap (well, dun blame me.. I’m a sleepy-head..)..
Cause, I have class tonight…

Till then guys..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 1 : diet, lecture.. so tiring..

I’m planning to make this blog as my open diary..
For I am now on diet..
Hehehehe~ yeah..
I’m thinking of eat nothing but oat..
please dun try to tempt me!!!
as my diet starts today!!!
For now on..
My title of post would be the day of my diet..
As like now..

Basically, today I’m doing nothing..
Lots of class been cancelled, as it’s the first day of the first week, man..
So, I think I’m just tired of unpacking my things..
And do some clean ups as I think it’s time to dispose a thing or 2..
Tonight, I got a class..
Damn u.. Asas Keusahawanan..
Why the f***ing it’s on the nite??
Why can’t u make it during the bright daylight??
I’m doomed!!!
Well then..
Lets call a day..

Till then,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

sweetheart forever!!

I’m going back to hell..
Waddafak.. hahahaha~
Xkn yela kot..  mati pn blom..
Anyway, what i meant is..
I’m going back to upm..
Yeah, u heard me rite..
My almost 3 months break are over, guys..
but that’s not what i wanna  talk about..
i wanna talk bout my dearly bf.. ;)

For sure, when my semester starts..
 I will not going back home..
So..  no more dating.. huhuhu~
I’m gonna miss him so much..
The thought of missing him makes me squeeze his bear tight!!
Yeah.. i got a teddy bear as a present..
Thanks, b!!!!

syg b byk2!!! XOXO

skype snapshot.. ;)

And flowers too.. yeah, i’m now  complete..

ignore the eyes!! :(
gifts that i admire the most!!

thanks b for making me your lady!!!
Heart you many2... :D
Love you many2.. :D
All our memory..
Especially on August 27th..
Will not be forgotten..
And will be remember always..
I hope you will have another surprise in your sleeves.. ;)
I’m looking forward my next  birthday..
What would you give me, b??
I’ll be 21st.. SWEET 21ST..

Till then, folks..