Sunday, November 20, 2011

Luahan Hati

"sungguh aku tak bisa, sampai kapanpun tak bisamembenci dirimu, sesungguhnya aku tak mampu" Kotak, Cinta Dan Benci

Hmm.. suke aku nk ingtkn..
Entry neyh mngkn akn membuatkn korg terfkir..

“Mak aii.. minah neyh..bahse xleh lg baek ke??” 

This is me..
I cursed a lot..
End of story..
Klw nk bce.. sila la..
Klw xnk.. blh ke blog len ye..
This entry supposed to be posted smlm..
Tp, aku terlalu letih utk berbuat demikian..
So,  I post it today..

Smlm.. (18.02.2011)
Well.. my very lovely squad had a meeting..
Meeting smlm actually to announce the programme we are to attend for semester break activity..
And also to fix a thing or two…
So.we ended up doing some luahan hati thing..
What’s interesting about this game is..
You are to luah everything yg ko x puas hati..
Ataupun complimenting ataupun cadangan untuk memperbaiki mutu squad..
And also ko blh tujukn kt specific people..
Tp, ko xya tlis nme ko.. sbb it’s intended to be secret..
Yela, karang yg keruh bertambah keruh ye x??
Dlm game neyh..
Ko nk mencarut pn blh..
Org x taw pn spe yg tlis..

you’re such a b**ch la, minah!! So stop acting like you’re hot..”- ditujukn utk minah bt mamat


“aku x suke la prgai ko yg mcm b*b* tu.. xya nk jge tepi kain org sgt la.. mind your  f**cking business suda..” – ditujukn utk anon bin anon


“aku nk cdgkn kite wat night-walk.. meronda smbl bwk M16..”


“aku suke care anon neyh berkerja.. sgt professional la.. keep it up..”

Well care neyh actually sgt halus..
Yeps.. klw aku teguran this way is much preferable..
So that, kite tw.. pe yg kite slh..
Pe yg x kne kat mate org..
Nobody is perfect..
Surely.. tp, xnk la byk sgt imperfection..
Pe yg blh di improve.. try to improve..
Be an optimist..
jgn la bashing blk..
try berubah.. for your own sake jugak kn..
mmg la ade yg prefer face-to-face..

“ko x puas hati ngan aku ke.. meh la face-to-face.. jgn nk kecut la, bhai.. ckp kat fb bkn men brni.. dpn2.. cm ayam.. blah la..”

Klw aku la kn..
If people tgur dpn2..
Aku msti trse sket..
Tp, pstuh.. aku ok je..
Setengah2 org 2 cm xpuas hati je klw kne tgur..
Blh nk counter-attack..
Ish2.. aku x fhm ngan org2 yg cmneyh..
Prsn dri tuh bgus sgt je kn..
Die je forever betul..
Org len sume slh..
Pdhl dri tu xdela btul mne pn..
Aku pn x layak nk tgur org..
Sbb aku taw aku cmne..
Prngai srupe haram..
Jd, aku pn x rse aku blh nk tgur org..
Aku pn tempang, bhai..
So, klw ade silap salah..
Aku mintak maaf sesgt..
Yg baik dtg dri Allah..
Yg bruk dtg dri diri aku sndri..

Smpai sini jela entry aku ea..
Aku hrp org2 yg kne tgur mse luahan hati tuh..
Berubah la kearah kebaikan kmu sndri..
Salam ukhwah..

Till then,

p/s: nasib baik la nme aku xde dlm luahan hati tersebut.. klw x.. mmg tersentap mak, nak!! Hahaha~ oh ye.. btw, aku jnjikn next entry would be about si ckin.. probably next one kot.. sbb aku x draft lg entry psl tuh.. sorry, ckin.. T_T

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fazliana : a unique in her own way person

“Cintaku bukanlah cinta biasa
Jika kamu yang memiliki
Dan kamu yang temaniku seumur hidupku”
 Afgan, Bukan Cinta Biasa

Actually this entry was written a long time ago..
I didn’t get the chance to update it because everytime I wanna post it..
More exciting event comes to mind and I post that rather this one..
Just now, when I try to do some clean-ups for my blog folder..
Which I have put all entry that I wish to post.
I go one-by-one entry to read it..
And I think this one should be posted..
Damn you, fara..
So, here you go..


Yesterday…  (2/3/2011)
I got an instant message from a person whom i lost contact for a semester…
 She’s a good friend of mine in matriculation..
She’s also one my roommates in matriculation..
Great to at last heard  from her..
We’ve (me and ckin) been trying to contact her throughout last semester ..
But, couldn’t managed to get a hold of her..
So, finally we’ve give up..
Because, she’s nowhere to be found (with the fon number changed, no email, no fb)..
The last time I called her is before we start the first semester..
Juz before she changed her number..
Fortunately, she told me that she’s entering the usm..
So, at least I know where she’s furthering her studies..
And, I want to ask Mulan (my former classmates) whether she sees FAZ or not..
But, I dun think, Mulan remember her..
Due to the fact that, my roommates is an ultimate shy person..
And Mulan, comes to my place about 2 or 3 times..
I dun think she would remember Faz..
But, surprisingly..
Faz remember Mulan and Mulan as well..
And they’re Lecturemates now..
She’s told me.. that she’s always asking Mulan my updates..
And that’s so sweet of her..
She’s actually do care about me..
I still remember her full name..
Is she remember mine??

This Fazliana..
She’s very studious person..
As I got back from class..
She always in her desk, study..
Same goes on the night..
She went to her friend’s room..
Study there as we’re too noisy..
I’m so sorry..
But, she did well in her 2nd final..
As she got a very excellent result..
That is why she got offered by USM..
A prestigious university..
Well, what can I do for her..
Is pray for her best..
Best Of Luck Nor Fazliana..
Success selalu..
Aku syg ko..
Ur a good roommate..


I guess lets’ just call a day..
With the cafeteria still not open..
And my failed diet..
Lets just take a nap..

Next entry would be about Nurul Ashikin Binti Samat..
The other roommate.. a very chaotic person..

 till then,

Monday, November 7, 2011

with him..

"Damn, Damn, Damn,  
What I'd do to have you here, here, here
I wish you were here" Avril Lavigne, Wish You Were Here

Every moments that I spent with him are one of the most precious
moment in my life..
Yes, he is that important to me..
So, when we’re back home.. one thing that always in my mind is..
I wanna see him..
Because, being apart from him is killing me..
How I wish he’s one of upm student..
So that, I could meet him everytime I wish..
Unfortunately, he is not..
Klw bolehla kn..
I wanna see him as often as I could klw we’re back..
Sbb, aku x selalu balik..
Die boleh la nk blik selalu..
Sbb die dekat je..
Aku neyh jauh..
Da tuh suksis plak tuh..
Mmg sng nk balik umah selalu kn..
Time neyh jela aku ade nk spend ngan die kot..
Tp, everytime we’re back..
Aku perasan satu bnde..
Aku je cm beriya-iya nk jmpe die..
Pdhl die cm x kesah pn..
Mybe sbb die ade mmbe kot..
Before ngan aku pn, die slalu ngan mmbe..
So, mybe sbb tu kot..
Aku neyh plak satu hal..
Bile balik mmg time utk org yg tersyg jela kot..
Mmbe2 sume kat upm..
Aku harap sgt aku dpt jd cm die..
Yg x kesah dpt jmpe aku ke x..

Klw die mrajuk sket je..
Aku da gelabah thp cipan kne bbq..
Nanges2 pjuk die..
Sbb rse brslh giler..
Tp, die ckp die cme men2 nk tgk reaksi aku..
Aku da nanges sebaldi ingt die btol2 merajuk..
Knpe aku jd cmneyh ea..
Die cme bf aku je..
Bak kate kwn aku..
“blm confirm jd laki ko, nyah..”
Tp, aku cm berharap sgt kat die..
Terlalu berharap kot..
Sbb aku da bgi hmpir 100% atie aku kat die..
Parah da kn aku neyh..
Klw keciwa mmg confirm2 tonggeng2 la aku neyh kot..
Aku hrp, aku akn jd lebih fleksible..
Die cme bf aku..
Blm confirm jd laki aku..
So, aku x prlu nk terhegeh-hegeh sgt..

Ok, I need some rest..
Pnt nanges da neyh..

Till then ea,