Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fazliana : a unique in her own way person

“Cintaku bukanlah cinta biasa
Jika kamu yang memiliki
Dan kamu yang temaniku seumur hidupku”
 Afgan, Bukan Cinta Biasa

Actually this entry was written a long time ago..
I didn’t get the chance to update it because everytime I wanna post it..
More exciting event comes to mind and I post that rather this one..
Just now, when I try to do some clean-ups for my blog folder..
Which I have put all entry that I wish to post.
I go one-by-one entry to read it..
And I think this one should be posted..
Damn you, fara..
So, here you go..


Yesterday…  (2/3/2011)
I got an instant message from a person whom i lost contact for a semester…
 She’s a good friend of mine in matriculation..
She’s also one my roommates in matriculation..
Great to at last heard  from her..
We’ve (me and ckin) been trying to contact her throughout last semester ..
But, couldn’t managed to get a hold of her..
So, finally we’ve give up..
Because, she’s nowhere to be found (with the fon number changed, no email, no fb)..
The last time I called her is before we start the first semester..
Juz before she changed her number..
Fortunately, she told me that she’s entering the usm..
So, at least I know where she’s furthering her studies..
And, I want to ask Mulan (my former classmates) whether she sees FAZ or not..
But, I dun think, Mulan remember her..
Due to the fact that, my roommates is an ultimate shy person..
And Mulan, comes to my place about 2 or 3 times..
I dun think she would remember Faz..
But, surprisingly..
Faz remember Mulan and Mulan as well..
And they’re Lecturemates now..
She’s told me.. that she’s always asking Mulan my updates..
And that’s so sweet of her..
She’s actually do care about me..
I still remember her full name..
Is she remember mine??

This Fazliana..
She’s very studious person..
As I got back from class..
She always in her desk, study..
Same goes on the night..
She went to her friend’s room..
Study there as we’re too noisy..
I’m so sorry..
But, she did well in her 2nd final..
As she got a very excellent result..
That is why she got offered by USM..
A prestigious university..
Well, what can I do for her..
Is pray for her best..
Best Of Luck Nor Fazliana..
Success selalu..
Aku syg ko..
Ur a good roommate..


I guess lets’ just call a day..
With the cafeteria still not open..
And my failed diet..
Lets just take a nap..

Next entry would be about Nurul Ashikin Binti Samat..
The other roommate.. a very chaotic person..

 till then,

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  1. ooo...faz mmg unik~~kalo aku jumpa dia...aku nak peluk dia kuat2~~ :D