Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to SHINEE's world, ya'll~~~

greeting, everyone~~
it’s been quite a while I didn’t updating my blog is it??
Well, I’ve been ‘busy’ lately…
Same goes to fb..
I didn’t find myself been hooked up to it..
As like the usual..
I mean like when I’m in upm..
Idk y I’m being like this..
Fb and blogging seems like lost their ‘charm’ on me..

Now, if I happen to on my fb..
I would offline the chatbox..
And went straight to CAFÉ WORLD apps..
cook some dish..
After done so..
I would check some notifications and approved requests..
After I think I’m done..
I will sign out..
See.. I dun even updating my status..
How it’s different from when I’m in upm..
updating  my status like, EVERYDAY..

Anyway, recently..
I’m really into.. 


left to right : Lee JinKi ( Leader Onew),Lee TaeMin (Maknae TaeMin), Kim JongHyun (Bling-bling JongHyun), Choi MinHo (Flaming Charisma MinHo), and Kim KiBum (Almighty Key)..

What a gorgeous kids they are, rite..
Although Onew and JongHyun could not consider as kids anymore…
They’re, however do not losing their child side..
And sometimes acts like ones..
I feel like I’m a SHAWOL (name for SHINEE’s fans) now..
Though I’m a CASSIOPEIA (name for TVXQ's fans)..
And the fact TVXQ is, technically split up..
So, I decide to give my support to, their dongsaeng, SHINEE..
I would, however ALWAYS KEEPS THE FAITH on the them..
Till the day, when they’re uniting again..

Anyway, back to SHINEE, since their debut..
have always been labeled out as the next, TVXQ..
for the point they’ve became popular straight away after their debut, through their song and not to mention their handsome-looking..
Also their ability catching Noona’s heart..
And to the fact they also were formed by 5 boys..
They’re totally a match-up to TVXQ..
And most people acknowledged them..
becos of their strong teamwork like TVXQ (however, in the past)..

They’re giving roles for them to play, just like TVXQ did..

Such Onew got to play the leader part.. like U-Know.. and suppose to show their manly side..

JongHyun got to play the, like his name, glamourous and dandy side..
Similar to Micky..

Key supposedly to become the invincible-and-strong person..
Similar to Hero..

MinHo, as Xiah were to play the charisma part..

And both TaeMin and ChangMin were supposed to be cute all the times..

They were, however, do not really good playing their part..

Both Key and Hero do not really that strong..
As they have their warm side as both enjoying cook..

Minho and Xiah who were supposed to be that cool and charismatic, 
however, always show their cute side.. even their maknae succumb to their cuteness..
Such a pity is it??

they're, anyway, starting to grow up more..
and become mature, rather than forever-child..
how i miss them when they're performing that catchy-yet-cool-and-cute
  'NOONA, YOU'RE SO PRETTY' back then..
how they were so cute..
now, they're trying to be out of their comfort zone..
and 'LUCIFER' is their first trial becoming more manly..
and somehow, do not really that succesful..
too bad is it??
age probably the contributing factor..
Taemin is too young to portray such acts..
bad-yet-cool boy is too much for him, perhaps..

take a look at the transformation,

from pure-innocent-and-cute boys, 

to stylish-cool-and-strong boys,

see, how much they have grown..

i hope SHINEE would keep on shining..
and stay healthy and be cute always..
as we, SHAWOL always got ur back on..

a bit tribute to:

SHINEE's sunbae-nim : 


left to right : Kim JunSu (Xiah JunSu), Park YooChun (Micky YooChun), Kim JaeJoong (Hero JaeJoong), Shim ChangMin (Max ChangMin), Jung YunHo (U-Know YunHo)

i've always love u, TVXQ..
u're forever in  my heart..
and i'm forever ur CASSIOPEIA..

till then,