Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 1 : diet, lecture.. so tiring..

I’m planning to make this blog as my open diary..
For I am now on diet..
Hehehehe~ yeah..
I’m thinking of eat nothing but oat..
please dun try to tempt me!!!
as my diet starts today!!!
For now on..
My title of post would be the day of my diet..
As like now..

Basically, today I’m doing nothing..
Lots of class been cancelled, as it’s the first day of the first week, man..
So, I think I’m just tired of unpacking my things..
And do some clean ups as I think it’s time to dispose a thing or 2..
Tonight, I got a class..
Damn u.. Asas Keusahawanan..
Why the f***ing it’s on the nite??
Why can’t u make it during the bright daylight??
I’m doomed!!!
Well then..
Lets call a day..

Till then,

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