Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2 : urghhh.. puhh leaseeee~

Well, there you go..
Nothing much to share with you guy(s)..
I’m spending my day 2 of diet carefully..
Last night..
When, me and my girls were checking our balance in our account..
 I ended up, buying, a DINNER..
Man, I ate half of Arabic cuisine called..
Uhmmm.. I can’t seem to remember it..
Well, thanks to Akma who willing to share with me..
Anyway, I guess I take that as my sahur..
So, I’m not eating anything..
Until lunch..
Where I have some fast-foods..
Well, literally..
It’s fried fishball and some wantan..
So, I hope I will not spoiling myself with any foods..
that will put weights anymore..
well, what I meant is food with too much of calorie..
As, from what I know..
Fats can be converted into glucose and glucose will do reaction that eventually providing us with  energy..
As what calorie serves us with..
So, goodbye high calorie food…

Well I guess lets call a day..
As I want to get my much-needed nap (well, dun blame me.. I’m a sleepy-head..)..
Cause, I have class tonight…

Till then guys..

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