Saturday, September 10, 2011

sweetheart forever!!

I’m going back to hell..
Waddafak.. hahahaha~
Xkn yela kot..  mati pn blom..
Anyway, what i meant is..
I’m going back to upm..
Yeah, u heard me rite..
My almost 3 months break are over, guys..
but that’s not what i wanna  talk about..
i wanna talk bout my dearly bf.. ;)

For sure, when my semester starts..
 I will not going back home..
So..  no more dating.. huhuhu~
I’m gonna miss him so much..
The thought of missing him makes me squeeze his bear tight!!
Yeah.. i got a teddy bear as a present..
Thanks, b!!!!

syg b byk2!!! XOXO

skype snapshot.. ;)

And flowers too.. yeah, i’m now  complete..

ignore the eyes!! :(
gifts that i admire the most!!

thanks b for making me your lady!!!
Heart you many2... :D
Love you many2.. :D
All our memory..
Especially on August 27th..
Will not be forgotten..
And will be remember always..
I hope you will have another surprise in your sleeves.. ;)
I’m looking forward my next  birthday..
What would you give me, b??
I’ll be 21st.. SWEET 21ST..

Till then, folks..

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