Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My so-called dream guy....

Hi, everyone!!!
What’s up, guys??
For me it’s been a tough week..
You know classes in the morning..
My class would start at 8 every morning..
Monday to Friday..
Damn you esmp..
Really annoying..
Guess I’ve pampered myself too much last 2 semester..

Ok, enough the blabbering..
Now let’s discuss bout the title..


Have you ever dream about what your future beau would be like??
Have you??
I bet most of you did..
Yeah, so do i..

I’ve always imagine myself in the future would be with someone that full of criteria that I want as a Husband..
But, now it’s look like..
Well, dream is just a dream..
My boyfie is not really my dream guy..
But, I still love you, b..
Like, forever.. syg b byk2 taw.. <3<3
Although I had never imagine myself would be with the likes of prince charming..
But, surely.. I still I have my own version of Prince Charming.. ngeee~

Well, shall we compare my boyfie with my Prince Charming(PC)??
It would be funny, right..


Well, let’s get started..


My PC: Tall, but not so tall..  only slightly taller than me..

My boyfie : like really tall.. I’m no kidding.. even my friend says, “tingginye bf ko, 

“it’s ok, b.. even b tinggi giler pun.. kite tetap sayang b,k..” *wink2* 

My PC : tough guy, but not so tough that would make him look like some shortie..

My boyfie : he’s slim.. but he fits!! <3

well, the last says it all kn, b??” 

My PC :  juz handsome enough in my eyes.. *wink2* yeah, no need for others to compliment him.. “hensemnye…”

My boyfie :  well, he does looks good when he did something seriously.. like driving, sports and etc.. <3<3

“u’re the second macho man after my dad..  gud enough kn, b??”  *wink2*


My PC : supposedly, I like manje type.. yeah, because they tends to be really sentimental..

My boyfie : manje gilerrrrr… lg manje dri aku neyh.. hahahaha~

“b mnje sgt, tp kite sukeeeee~” <3 <3

Well,  aku rse yg selaennye.. he did fulfill all the criteria I dreamt about before..
The more I know of him..
I seems to forget all the prince charming things..
Neyh pn aku sedaya upaye ingtkn semule..
It’s true what old folks said about love..
He’s not my dream guy (well,literally)..
Tp, I fell head over heels on him now..
Msti die suke klw die happen to read this entry..
I LOVE YOU, b!!!

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