Monday, January 10, 2011

school comeback!!!!

Greeting everybody~~~
yeah.. i know..
people out there still pissing off bout the fact that Ana Raffali (not sure the spelling..) has won the AJL 25..
so, what the heck??
i dun really fancy this kind of entertainment..
i prefer like, Music Bank, InkiGayo, Music Core..
hahaha~ still with my Korean-Mania mode..
yeah, i'm kind of entertained with this kind of shows..
rather than choosing everyweek to determine who's still on the chart..
i prefer to choose the winner every single week..
this is why, the k-pop is like a disease in korea..
cos, the were practically, selling their song and artists in this show every single week..
telling everyone, like, "this is my new song.. do give me some support, please.."
unlike, this Muzik2.. where we only got to see the new song everyweek..
this kind of show does not really a good plan on trying to do some fame for the artists..
cos, it's take time do to some introduction..
like music bank.. the artists got to sing live every week..

ok, i think i'm way out of the title...
anyway, although it’s been like, 2 weeks after the school has opened..
I still want to show off my little brother’s in his brand-new school uniform and not to mention his fabulous latest-design ben10 shoes..

Take a look at his pictures down here..

sporting his new school uniform and Ben10 shoes..

with his same-age friends

during the tea-time break... 
my Aunt go and check his first day..

with his sis (Kiki)..

Aren’t him adorable??

He’s the last (not very sure, should my father ever re-married!!) one to attend the primary school..
He’s grown so much since his birth..
I still remember holding him when he's still a newborn..
He’s  so cute, back then…
And he’s the huge one compare to other siblings before him..
Imagine, he weighs about 4.1 kg and 57cm height..
Although, he’s only age about 8 months…
And he’s so big that could’nt  be bedung up and placed inside the dulang..
And now, he’s a primary student..
How much he has grown??
While I still “baby-ing” him and indulging his antics..
And calling him ‘baby’ occasionally..
He’s still our little ‘baby’ even he’s seven..
I love his expression when I dukung him in front his friends..
He wants to get down as soon as possible..
How cute he is..
I love him so much that I really want to ‘baby-ing’ him forever..
I know, it is nearly impossible to that..
And he’s starting to grow up more..
However, I got something to say to him..
“baby, alom sayam baby taw… baby sayam alom x?? sayam tan… baby da besa taw.. baby butan baby ladi taw.. nnt, baby sola baby tena pndai taw.. “
Hehehe~ that’s all I want to say to him (rite now..)..
I’m really good mimicking his baby language..
Although, he’s not speaking it anymore..
I still using it when conversing with him..
Cos, I find it ,somehow really cute..
Speaking baby language..
Hahaha~ what a dork, I am..

Below are pix of my 4th sister, on her first day in secondary school…

sporting her new school uniform (although we got her size for primary's student) and Line-7 shoes (she's the only one to get a branded shoes in form 1, cos it's a present from our uncle for her flying colour result in UPSR)..

She’s a brilliant and promising student…
I hope she will not spoil her cleverness like her sis and bro..
all the best Mai and Haziq...
Luv u both very much...

Till then,

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