Monday, March 19, 2012

sy adlh sy

“Terukir di bintang, tak mungkin hilang, cintaku padamu.”Yuna, Terukir Di Bintang 
Rsenye klw blog neyh adlh bilik..
Da bersarang kot..
It been like ages, I didn’t update..
First, I got no idea what to write..
Second, I’ve been busy.. *yela tuh.. cm busy sgt jek.. =P
Third, I’m a lazy bum!! *neyh sbnrnye alasan utme.. pffftt
So, in the end..
I choose not to update..
Bukan xde try..
Ade je.. cume save and pastuh jd pekasam kat folder blog aku tuh…
Anyway, lots of things happened during my ‘absence’..
Such as, my complicated relationship almost broke off…
I’ve been participating the karaoke contest as a representative for my block..
Been in a performance of Musang Berjanggut during open block..
I’m one of the committees for FESTIK ’12..
Befriend with famous blogger ZACK ZUKHAIRI.. *yg neyh smpai skrg aku x cye..
Yeah, mcm2..
Klw nk cite skali gus mmg berjela entry aku neyh..
So, bgi point penting jela ea..

Till then, folks..
Byk yg aku nk cite.. tp, satu-satu ea..

p/s: nt, aku post pic2 yg best ea.. tnggu jela k.. 

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